New York Yankees Captain Don Mattingly Thursday. . . (Gannett News Service 9/15/94)

     NEW YORK - New York Yankees captain Don Mattingly Thursday said
  it was "embarrassing" that players and owners could not resolve
  their differences, adding "We have failed the fans."
     Mattingly, a 12-year veteran who had hoped to reach post-season
  play for the first time as a member of the American League
  East-leading Yankees, responded to countless interview requests by
  issuing a five-paragraph statement that reflected his frustration
  and great disappointment.
     "The shortened 1994 Major League Baseball season and
  cancellation of the post-season has been very difficult for me to
  accept," Mattingly began. "I share the same disappointment and
  concerns for the game like the millions of fans and my fellow
  players do throughout the country.
     "Playing my entire career in New York, I have learned a
  tremendous amount about the rich history and tradition of baseball.
  It in many ways is embarrassing to me that the owners and players
  are responsible for shutting down an industry that even the act of
  World War I and World War II couldn't do. We have failed the fans."
     The Yankees boasted an American-League best 70-43 record and a
  commanding 6-1/2-game margin in the A.L. East. Before players
  struck on Aug. 12, there was growing anticipation in New York that
  the Yankees would gain post-season play for the first time since
     "The New York Yankee players are especially saddened for the New
  York fans everywhere who have supported the Yankees. This year it
  was an exciting time for both Yankee players and fans," Mattingly
  went on.
     "Every spring training we report with the intent of getting into
  the playoffs and winning the World Series. We felt that this year's
  team had the chemistry, dedication, talent and work ethic to win it
  all. Unfortunately, we will never know how far we would have
  gotten. We are disappointed but understand that it just wasn't
  meant to be this year."
     Finally, Mattingly urged an end to baseball's labor woes. "Many
  important issues will need to be resolved by both the owners and
  players during the next few months," he said. "It is time to set
  aside the blame and get busy to restore the respect, credibility
  and perception that baseball is our national pastime."
     The shortened season is a particularly serious blow to the
  Yankees because their organization had targeted this year as the
  culmination of a rebuilding effort that began after a 67-95 record
  and last-place finish in 1990.
     It will be difficult for the Yankees to repeat their success
  because 12 players are potential free agents, including offensive
  star Paul O'Neill and left-handed pitcher Jim Abbott.
     "We'll have to start over and that's what we're going to do,"
  manager Buck Showalter said somberly.
     Player moves were not on general manager Gene Michael's mind
  Thursday, however. He and other team officials are making
  determinations on layoffs that had previously been avoided.
     "We thought we had a good chance for the season to start again,"
  Michael said. "Now, we'll have to take a longer, harder look."
     When the strike began, employees had been urged to use their
  vacation time and any time owed. Layoffs are expected to occur at
  the start of next week.
     "Ballclubs all over the country are pulling in," Michael said.
  "We don't have our plan yet."
     Michael does expect to meet next week with Showalter, principal
  owner George Steinbrenner, and minor league officials to discuss
  player evaluations and needs.
     With no labor agreement in place, however, player movement has
  essentially been placed in limbo because there are no rules
  governing contracts.
     "It will all shake out," Michael said.

Copyright 1994, Gannett News Service, a division of Gannett Satelitte Information Network, Inc.

PEDULLA, TOM, NEW YORK - New York Yankees captain Don Mattingly., Gannett News Service, 09-15-1994.

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