Don Mattingly Articles - 1994

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02-17-94 The Yankees Re-Captured New York Last Season Jim Corbett Gannett News Service
02-22-94New York Yankees First Baseman Don Mattingly... Jim Corbett Gannett News Service
02-23-94It Doesn't Take Much Imagination... Jim CorbettGannett News Service
03-16-94When Don Mattingly Batted Higher Than .300 Tom PedullaGannett News Service
03-30-94YANKEE PRIDE - Name Fits Like A First-Base Glove Lisa WinstonBaseball Weekly
04-17-94Don Mattingly Took A Meager .184 Batting Average... Tom PedullaGannett News Service
04-18-94Don Mattingly Said The Five-Year Contract... Tom PedullaGannett News Service
04-19-94Mattingly Says His Career At Its Year-To-Year Point Taylor BuckleyUSA Today
04-27-94More Kids Playing Name Game... Lisa WinstonBaseball Weekly
05-15-94Don Mattingly Tried to Recall The Last Time... Tom PedullaGannett News Service
06-15-94This Mattingly Covers The Field On All Fours Lisa WinstonBaseball Weekly
06-16-94A STAR, A LAD, A FATHER'S DAY PRESENT Chuck RaaschGannett News Service
07-21-94Mattingly Moved To Fifth Spot Tom PedullaUSA Today
07-24-94Change Doesn't Bother Mattingly Jon HeymanLos Angeles Times
07-24-94Davis, Mattingly Produce Big Numbers Elliott TeafordLos Angeles Times
07-25-94Mattingly Helps KO The Angels Elliott TeafordLos Angeles Times
07-26-94Mattingly Talks Of One More Season Tom PedullaUSA Today
07-27-94Mattingly Quietly Hits Milestone UNKNOWNBaseball Weekly
08-11-94Mattingly Threatens To Quit Tom PedullaUSA Today
09-15-94New York Yankees Captain Don Mattingly Thursday... Tom PedullaGannett News Service

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