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Don Mattingly Articles - 1995

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01-01-95 Mattingly's View Mike Lupica Indianapolis Business Journal
02-25-95Mattingly Standing Firm Jon Heyman Newsday
03-16-95Altered Plan For Mattingly Jon HeymanNewsday
04-23-95Mattingly Finds Closing Door On '94 Tough Mike LupicaNewsday
05-28-95Mattingly's Biggest Problem Is His Timing Jim MurrayLA Times
06-05-95The World Series Needs Mattingly As Much As He Needs It Jim MurrayIndianapolis Business Journal
06-30-95Mattingly Still The Class Of The Yankees Mike LupicaLA Times
07-17-95Mattingly A Standout...Even When He's In A Slump Mike LupicaIndianapolis Business Journal
07-28-95There's Still Life In Mattingly's Bat... Mike LupicaLA Times
08-05-95Don Mattingly Was Asked If Darryl Strawberry's Arrival... Tom PedullaGannett News Service
08-08-95The Captain's In His Corner Jon HeymanNewsday
08-26-95Mattingly Out With Spasms David LennonNewsday
08-30-95Don Won't Exit With Sayonara Jon HeymanNewsday
09-05-95Giants Vs. Cowboys Last Chapter Not Theirs To Write Marty NobleNewsday
09-13-95Sadly Donnie Is Near End Steve JacobsonNewsday
09-13-95Don's Words Cause Stir David LennonNewsday
09-13-95The World According To Donnie Steve JacobsonLA Times
09-20-95Mattingly To Become Yankees' Lost Leader? Peter PascarelliBaseball Weekly
09-21-95Don: Don't Kick Me Out Jon HeymanNewsday
09-22-95Donnie's Heart Has The Answers Steve JacobsonNewsday
09-23-95Criticism Has Mattingly Ready To Peel Off Stripes Don WadeEvansville Courier
09-25-95Saluting A Captain A 'Weird' Day Joe GergenNewsday
09-25-95Difficult Finale For Mattingly Greg MillerLA Times
10-01-95The Donning Of A New Era Jon HeymanNewsday
10-01-95This Sure Has Felt Like A Pennant Race Steve JacobsonNewsday
10-02-95He's Won Nine Gold Gloves... Tom PedullaGannett News Service
10-02-95Long Drought Over For Yankees And Mattingly Ross NewhanLA Times
10-02-95When Randy Knorr... Jason DiamosNY Times
10-03-95Mattingly, Benes Say Wives Are Real Stars Linda ChristmanEvansville Courier
10-03-95Mattingly Hits Big Time After 1,785 Games Mel AntonenUSA Today
10-03-95From The Moment... Jack CurryNY Times
10-04-95Yank Fans Turn Out Big In House That Don Built Tim KaiserEvansville Courier
10-04-95Don's Play Dandy Michael DobeNewsday
10-04-95Electricity Returns To Yankee Stadium Gary HillReuters
10-04-95It's October, So Yankees Win, 9-6 Mike DiGiovannaLA Times
10-04-95It Took 15 Innings... Jack CurryNY Times
10-04-95It Is The Burden... Claire SmithNY Times
10-08-95Yankee Nightmare Edgar (7 RBI), M's Force Game 5 David LennonNewsday
10-09-95The Hard Stare Of Wade Boggs... Kit StierGannett News Service
10-09-95For Mattingly, A Job Well Done Steve JacobsonNewsday
10-10-95Benes Edges Mattingly In First Playoffs For Each UNKNOWNEvansville Courier
10-10-95The Mourning After Yankees Facing Tough Decisions Jon HeymanNewsday
10-11-95Final Blow Leaves Mattingly Numb Kit StierBaseball Weekly
11-05-95George Contacts Don's Agent David LennonNewsday
11-07-95Cut-Rate Mattingly? Jon HeymanNewsday
11-10-95NY Yankees Captain, Don Mattingly Filed For Free Agency... Cecil HarrisGannett News Service
11-10-95Mattingly A Free Man UNKNOWNThe Sports Network
11-11-95Mattingly Files For Free Agency Bill PlaschkeLA Times
11-17-95It's Up To Don David LennonNewsday
11-18-95No Decision/Yankkes, Don Mum On Future David LennonNewsday
11-18-95Mattingly Should Go Out On His Final Note Steve JacobsonLA Times
11-18-95Mattingly Delays Decision UNKNOWNThe Sports Network
11-20-95Mattingly May Retire UNKNOWNEvansville Courier
11-20-95Donnie To Quit Today? David LennonNewsday
11-21-95Sabbatical A Good Choice Till Mattingly Know What He Wants Don WadeEvansville Courier
11-21-95Donnie Ready To Quit Steve ZipayNewsday
11-21-95Mattingly to Say Good-Bye, At Least For Now UNKNOWNThe Sports Network
11-21-95Mattingly May Be Hanging Up His Spikes Lonnie WhiteLA Times
11-22-95Don Mattingly Didn't Say He Was Retiring... UNKNOWNAssociated Press
11-22-95Mattingly's Future Remains In Flux Gordan EngelhardtEvansville Courier
11-22-95Don Mattingly Indicates He May Retire UNKNOWNEvansville Courier
11-22-95Mattingly Can't Decide... David LennonNewsday
11-22-95Stepping Aside With Dignity Steve JacobsonNewsday
11-22-95Don Mattingly Chronology Rick BrandNewsday
11-22-95Mattingly Might Sample Retirement Pete WilliamsBaseball Weekly
11-29-95Mattingly Frees Yankees To Find Replacement Pete WilliamsBaseball Weekly
12-08-95Yanks Dismiss McDowell & Stanley, Make Offer To Mattingly UNKNOWNThe Sports Network
12-20-95Looks Like Don Will Remain An Ex-Yank Jon HeymanNewsday

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