Don Mattingly's Major League Games That I Have Available For Trade

I am attempting to obtain a copy of every major league game that Don Mattingly played in. If you have a copy of the FULL game (commercial interuptions are okay), and would like to help me out, please e-mail me with all the information (date of game, quality of the video, etc.)

Due to Copyright laws, I will not pay for the actual game. I will, however, let you choose from the following options:

1 - You can choose from the list of complete games that I have listed below and we can trade my copy of a game for your copy.

2 - Although I will not pay for the actual game, I will pay you $4.00, which should cover the cost of a NEW tape for you to make the copy and the postage necessary to ship it to be at book rate. However, I will pay more for games on DVD!

I am also interested in any copies of the All-Star Games in which he appeared (1984-1989).

I have the following games already...and I offer them to you as trade for copies of games NOT on this list.

DATE Team Played Against
10/05/85 Toronto Blue Jays
1986 National League All-Star Game
07/29/89 Toronto Blue Jays
06/21/91 Minnesota Twins
07/30/91 Oakland Athletics
08/31/91 Toronto Blue Jays
05/17/92 Oakland Athletics
06/28/92 Chicago White Sox
09/06/92 Texas Rangers
06/18/93 Minnesota Twins
08/02/93 Toronto Blue Jays
08/14/93 Baltimore Orioles
08/20/93 Kansas City Royals
09/04/93 Cleveland Indians Jim Abbott's No-Hitter!
09/19/93 Boston Red Sox
06/22/94 Minnesota Twins
08/09/94 Baltimore Orioles
10/08/95 Seattle Mariners Div. Playoff Game 5. Don's Last Game

Or Choose From One Of The Following Games That Don Mattingly Did NOT Play In:

DATE Team Played Against
10/02/93 Detroit Tigers
04/26/94 California Angels
05/14/96 Seattle Mariners Dwight Gooden's No-Hitter!
08/31/97 Montreal Expos Don Mattingly Day!
07/18/99 Montreal Expos David Cone's Perfect Game!

I do not support illegal copies and I am not wishing to break any laws, it is just that since Don retired I miss seeing him play and I would like to relive his time in baseball. I also regret that I did not use my VCR to tape every game that he appeared in, only some of the ones that I attended.

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