In July 1997, I published the first issue of the Don Mattingly Newsletter, entitled 'The Mattingly Reader'! It was a resounding success, with close to 100 issues being distributed! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the last issue (Number 6) was published in March 1999!

All 6 issues are now out of print and are no longer available directly from me in print format. However, due to the increased demand, I have made all SIX issues available online FOR FREE!

I have converted every issue of the newsletter to PDF format so that they can be easily opened or downloaded and read using Adobe Acrobat's free reader.

If you plan on printing each issue, I recommend using a color inkjet/laser printer for best quality!!

Issue 1 - July 1997
Issue 2 - November 1997

Issue 3 - February 1998
Issue 4 - June 1998
Issue 5 - November 1998

Issue 6 - March 1999

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