This web ring was made to provide you with the best Don Mattingly sites on the World Wide Web. 

      Instead of wasting your time surfing all over the 'Net for great Don Mattingly sites, come to the web ring to find them all in one place! To join the ring click on the Submit button below for instructions on how to add the HTML fragment which join all the sites together in one Ring. This alows you to navigate forwards or backwards through the ring. If you have a good Don Mattingly site or just a single page dedicated to the Greatest First Baseman, and you would like to submit it, go right ahead!  Iím always looking for more sites to add to my ring.  With more sites, I can provide you with the best collection of Don Mattingly sites on the Internet.  If you have any questions concerning adding or editing your site info please email me.

      I will accept all the applicants who have a Don Mattingly site or page. The only requirements are that you add the HTML code to your opening page if you have a Mattingly Site, or to your Don Mattingly Page if you only have one page dedicated to Donnie Baseball! The only other requirement is that the page should not reflect a negative opinion of Donnie Baseball or contain any nudity or profanity!

      If you know of a good Don Mattingly site/page or you have a good Don Mattingly site/page, make sure they submit their site today!

      Once you add your site, the HTML code that you must add to your page will be automatically generated. Just cut-and-paste it onto your Don Mattingly page. It will also be automatically emailed to you.

-Joseph Riccitelli, Jr.-    (Ringmaster)

To Join The Ring, Press on the SUBMIT graphic. For a List of Sites already in the Ring, Press on the INDEX graphic. If you are already a ring member and want to edit your site info, Press on the EDIT Graphic.
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When you are all finished pasting the HTML code to your page, the Web Ring should look like the example illustrated here:

Mattingly's 23 Web Ring

Mattingly's 23 Web Ring is owned and managed by Joseph Riccitelli, Jr.
This Mattingly's 23 Web Ring site is owned by Joseph Riccitelli, Jr..

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